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What is VibeDate?

VibeDate was born out of a passion to explore and go on adventures, whether on date nights, anniversaries, or any of those other "just because" milestones.

Have you ever tried to find something fun to do and suddenly been bombarded with 3,000+ choices? Then ended up staring into darkness and closing all 12 Tabs because of the sheer confusion of what any of the things you found actually were?

Or do you just not have time to search through endless options and want something exciting planned for you and your better half? Then you've come to the right place!

VibeDate is a date planning service for couples who want to break away from endless Netflix-and-chill-ing, eating at the same restaurants, or always going to the same places. We exist for you.

By joining VibeDate, you become part of our family. We are here to make your dating life easier and can help you plan any occasion by giving you great ideas personalised to your likes and interests, then booking everything for you. All you have to do is show up!

The People

Miss Maggie

A well-established recruiter and social media fanatic, Miss Maggie prefers the simpler things in life. Like food. Lots of it. Nutella by the jar-full. Ice cream by the spoonful. And, of course, a good bowl of spaghetti bolognese in the shape of her cat.

A little bit of romance goes a long way...

Miss Maggie loves watching the sunset on the beach and long romantic walks to her fridge. The idea for VibeDate one day came to her when she was considering whether she wanted sausage-stuffed or cheesy pizza crusts. "Why can't someone else just choose me?"

Mr. Tony

Mr. Tony is an engineer by day, and Batman by night. Or at least, he's met, Batman. He feels that is close enough. Mr Tony loves fast cars, fast bikes and anything else that zooms past him at the speed of light, yielding unbearably loud noises of "vroooooom". Mr Tony hates having to Google "cool restaurants Melbourne" as Miss Maggie always tells him to do when she cannot be bothered picking what to do for the night.

So your point was..?

Mr. Tony loves sausage filled crusts almost as much as Miss Maggie, and the pair decided not only to answer the questions of what to do and where to go for themselves, but also for everyone else that wants to experience something truly unforgettable and unique but just hasn't thought of it yet. Thus, VibeDate was born.

VibeDate Central

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