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1"So I still don't understand what you guys do ..."
Just think of VibeDate as your best friend, who can help you plan your dating life. A friend who introduces you to cool new things, tells you about awesome new places, and can even remind you when special occasions pop up.

In other words, we're your dating concierge - Here to help keep your life running smoothly.
2"Can you help me find my soul mate?"
No. There are enough dating apps that help you meet someone, so we're not able to help in that department.

The problem with dating apps is that once you meet, you have to try and figure out something cool that you'll both enjoy. That can be stressful. We're here to make that problem go away by tailoring any event you require.

That could a first date, an anniversary, or "just because!"
3"What about all the other sites that tell me about things to do?"
The internet has created a "paradox of choice" when it comes to finding cool experiences.

There are plenty of sites that help you find things to do - but only if you have the time to sift through ads and 3000+ articles on places that aren't even around anymore!

VibeDate customises dates based on your preferences, making your dating life simple.
4"Ok, so what makes you different?"
We create custom, personalised recommendations on what you could be doing. That could be for any night of the week, and any occasion you could imagine.

You won't find any sneaky articles here that talk about how great the latest phone or app is. We don't stand for that.

You won't get auto-responders that send the same thing out to thousands of people. You'll get personal recommendations from someone who cares about you and your partner.

5"And this works anywhere right?"
At the moment, we're focusing our efforts on Melbourne, Australia.

If you love the idea of VibeDate, please let us know and we can look at expanding to wherever you may be.

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How it works

1"How do memberships work?"
So we've crafted our memberships in a way that gives you an awesome experience, no matter what level you choose. We've broken it down as follows;

Free - Does what it says on the box. We will send you an email once a week with cool things that are happening around town. If there's nothing fancy on, we might recommend an awesome movie and a recipe for a night in. No cost to you!

Member - This is where we get to know each other better, and once we do, we will send you a weekly email that's personalised for you. You'll also be able to reach out to us through the site with any particular requests, and we will work with you to make them happen. We can be besties! Cost - $10 per month, cancel anytime.

Executive - We get it; it's difficult for high-flyers to make the time for their relationship. This option solves that. Want a night away from the kids? No problem, we'll organise a babysitter. Need a week-long holiday? No problem, we can handle that too. Need a candlelit dinner whilst serenaded by the Gypsy Kings? I think we can make it happen. We are on call to assist. Currently full!
2"How much does it cost me?"
Firstly, VibeDate works by getting to know you and constantly updating our recommendations based on that relationship. We are not chatbots or a machine learning algorithms. We're living, breathing human beings, who care about your relationship.

We charge a monthly service fee that you can cancel at any time. All of our recommendations are included in the monthly service fee, as is your ability to reach out to us to discuss a more personalised event.

If you would like us to book events for you, we can help out with that as well. Just let us know, and we can figure it out!
3"I'm only in town for two days and want to plan something ... can you help?"
Of course! Reach out to us via the "About" page and we'll see what we can do.

And now, a word from some of our fans

  • Jules
    Thanks to Maggie and Tony for helping my boyfriend and I find new things to do on our usual date nights. We both work long hours so when we do carve out time to be together, we got bored of the usual Netflix-and-UberEats. Variety is the spice of life, right? VibeDate's ideas helped us heaps, and they're always so prompt when we have questions for them!
    Long-term dater - VibeDate Member
  • Alannah
    I'd been planning my 2 year anniversary with my boyfriend for weeks, and I was getting fed up looking at other sites. There was just way too many things to pick from. Maggie organised everything for me so all I really had to do was bring my bf along. It was awesome, and we'll be using VibeDate again. Thanks guys :)
    2-year anniversary - VibeDate Member

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