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Nailing the First Date
October 11, 2018
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Date planning

The ONE secret to planning an awesome date in minutes …

Even if you have no idea what to do!

Picture this.

It’s Saturday night. You and your partner have had a busy week, and now you want to have a relaxing, delicious meal to bask in each others company.

That means it’s time for you to pick somewhere to eat tonight and we all know how that script goes.

“Where do you want to eat?”
“I don’t know, you choose.”
“What sort of food?”
“I don’t know.”

*enter the beginning of fight …*

Ever get that feeling that Saturday is stuck on repeat? It’s always the same place, different time.

Those excellent burgers everyone raves about? Have them 20 times, and it’s now like Satan himself had carved rubber and served it to you in tofu bread.

The movie cinemas have carved your name into a seat and have your Candy Bar order ready on arrival.

You want to try a new drink but you frequent the same bar so much the bartender doesn’t give you a chance, you are slapped with “the usual”, and off you go.

Sound familiar?

So you’ve said to yourself “that’s it, no more, not another week!” and do what most people do. Jump on Google and type “awesome things to do in the city”, and devote hours to shuffling through millions of options, get frustrated, throw your computer in the bin, and repeat dinner, movie, drinks until you can’t physically take it anymore.

Well, it doesn’t have to be this way.

There’s one secret that will have you planning a remarkable date in minutes, even if you have no idea what to do. It may also put us out of business!

Are you ready for it?

Here it comes …


Yes, really.

It is surprising that simple. Though believe us, we know that it’s easier said than done!

Let’s face it; Us humans aren’t the best at making decisions. But this one can change your dating life. Truthfully. If you continuously do the same thing, you’ll get bored and frustrated. You don’t need us to tell you that bored and frustrated couples fight often …

I’m in, tell me more.

Ok then! Here are some primers to help you with your new found ability of JUST PICKING SOMETHING NEW. The power, of decision making.

Don’t even think about it. Just pick a place. See it? Go there. Do it. Done.

You know that casual restaurant you always see on the way to work? Go in there and have a meal.

How about that funky looking bar with the dangly thing from the ceiling? Get your butt in there and order the bartenders favourite drink. No chit chat, just order.

Or those funny things you see flying in the sky every now and then, those hot air balloons. Book one. Get up there.

Surprise yourself. Try new things. Experience life and watch your happiness grow.

And when you’re still out of options, sign up to a VibeDate account and let us do it all for you 🙂