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Easey’s Burger Joint

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Easey’s Burger Joint

Easey’s Burger Joint

Life could be… E-ASEY… *sings incessantly until date leaves, steals his chips*

At Easey’s, you just won’t be able to stop yourself. No matter how much you try not to, you will do anything and everything in your power to steal your date’s chips… Anything. They’re that good.

The great thing about Easey’s is not only do they have the regular, tried-and-true burgers, but they also have seasonal specials. The hot sauces and fully stocked cocktail bar get an honourable mention, as do the “surprise shots.”

Easey’s is fantastic for a first date, a casual date, or even something a bit more romantic and adventurous. Why? This burger restaurant has something a bit different about it.

It’s set atop a five-story building and is literally 3 trains in a row! Ever wanted to dine on a train but thought you’d get travel sick? No problems, these trains don’t move! And if they did you would have a lot to worry about…

With stunning views of the city at night and great early light views at breakfast, this place is sure to impress a partner who likes a twist on the usual. With vegan options, an outdoor seating area for even better views, and WiFi so you can completely ignore your date, what more could anyone ask for!

Okay, that’s probably bad advice on our behalf. Please don’t ignore your date. Not if you want a second one.

Address: 3/48 Easey St, Collingwood
Website: http://www.easeys.com.au

Cost for 2: ~$50 inc burgers and drinks