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The Break Room

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November 29, 2018
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November 29, 2018
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The Break Room

The Break Room

Ready… Break!

But not the kind of break you’d think, oh no.

In The Break Room, you can let out all your frustrations or just smash things for fun, because why not?

Once you get into your incredibly beautiful protective suit and helmet, it’s time to show all those baseball teams what you’re made of.

Prepare to break plates, vases, cups, and more, by smashing them with a potent bat or just throwing them across the room at the wall. It sounds simple enough, but the satisfaction you get from it is extraordinary!

Hate your boss? Break a cup! Hate your love life? Break a vase! It’s that easy.

Your bestie can take photos or videos of you in the room, but you can only have one person in the chamber at a time to avoid any unwanted injuries.

While this is in the bestie/mate date category, it can also be a superb time for you and your partner if you are both angry at the world or each other.

Why yell and fight over who has to wash the dishes that night? Smash them instead!
So what are you waiting for? Break into The Break Room today!

The Break Room

Break things. Feel good.

Address: 29 Budd St, Collingwood

Cost for 2: $50pp for standard, or $400 for total fury!