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Wade with the Platypus

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November 29, 2018
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Wade with the Platypus

Wade with the Platypus

Do you love platypuses?

Okay. Trick question; how can you not?

If for whatever reason you are a platypus-hating, animal-destroying angry being, then this blog is not for you. Now that we’ve cleared that up, welcome to the emporium of platypus-y awesomeness!

Healesville Sanctuary offer probably the least heard of amazing natural experience, the Wade with the Platypus encounter. Is this exactly what it sounds like? You bet your sweet platypus it is!

Okay now that I’ve used the word ‘platypus’ about 68 times, I think you get the point. *Whispers* for those of you who still don’t – I really, really love platypuses.

This encounter allows you to go deep into the watery depths of the play pool (okay, okay, it’s more like knee deep) and pat, play and tickle the gorgeous creatures in it.

A rare and unique experience, meeting with these furry little critters is one to remember – and to win you at least 500 brownie points with the partner. Maybe 600. Depending on how animal-crazy they are.

After a bit of a play, you also get to feed the adorable creatures and watch them happily munch away as you splash around nearby. For those who are still kids at heart, this will be an adventure that will be very hard to forget.

An exclusive experience for just two people, an air of romance is in the midst, and couples and friends alike are welcome to come every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Address: Badger Creek Road, Healesville
Website: http://www.zoo.org.au/healesville

Cost for 2: $350 for zoo entrance, all shows, and time with the platypus